Therapy for Teens, Adults and Families


Treatment for Adults:

I treat people who are struggling with mood conditions of all kinds, such as depression, anxiety, reactions from past trauma, intimacy & relationship problems. It takes courage to look honestly at ourselves, but I believe that if we don’t ask the questions about how our history shaped us, patterns repeat themselves. My approach is geared towards helping people, in a sensitive and empowering manner, to quickly identify the different coping mechanisms they have destructively used to avoid being in touch with their feelings and themselves.

Many people I see have a history of trauma of one kind or another. Trauma comes in many forms, including all types of abuse and even neglect of a child’s emotional needs. Often people don’t consider this sort of neglect “traumatic” as a child’s basic needs may have been met; however the way a child’s emotional needs are cared for impacts the developing sense of self and can affect self-esteem as well as relationship dynamics. When we identify and articulate how these events have influenced us, we can allow the past to have its place and live in the present. In the words of Bernard Bail, a person comes to therapy because one “does not want anymore to react to his life; he wants to be in his life”.

Treatment for Adolescents and Families:

The teenage years can be some of the most challenging – for both kids and parents. By the time families seek therapy for their teen’s problems, they have tried a variety of strategies.  Again, it takes courage for families to look at themselves honestly and address what is no longer working in the system. It is essential that all family members feel welcomed, safe, heard, and understood, never judged or blamed.

At times, our work may be challenging. My goal is to help families get to a place where they no longer need a mediator to communicate with each other — so they can problem-solve, negotiate, and express their needs directly to one another.

I work with teenagers to help them negotiate what they want without acting out or shutting down. And I work with parents on finding effective strategies to deal with acting out behaviors so they may connect with their child again and support them through the tough times.