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Jennifer Campoy LCSW - Psychotherapist Silver Lake Los Angeles

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Going to therapy is a lot like remodeling your house. If you have a leaky roof, you can put a bucket to catch the water (eg, coping skills), but this is a temporary solution. Fixing the roof in a durable way requires a monetary investment and a time commitment. But it also brings a sense of ease in knowing that it can endure the rain, even the storms, that will inevitably come … and this reduces stress & anxiety. I want to help people develop a solid sense of self.

Often my clients wish they didn’t need so much validation from others in order to have confidence in themselves or they want to be more assertive. They might feel strangely alone even in their closest relationships. Despite being capable and smart & having some degree of insight about how they were raised, people I treat know there is more to the story. They want to get to the bottom of things.

People ask: Why do I have so much self-doubt or a harsh inner voice or look to others to say “I’m okay”? Why do coping skills and meditation not take away my anxiety? Why do I want to cheat on my partner when I’m actually happy with him/her? People want a deeper understanding of themselves. Partly this involves making the unconscious mind conscious – as much as we can anyway!

All these questions are valid and have a story behind them. This is where I come in.

I help people dig deep into the stories & experiences that shaped them and how those influences sometimes hijack their way of thinking and their “sense of self”.

The bottom line is that we often cannot see the forest through the trees all on our own.

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What will your first session look like?
My dog Griffin (pictured) will likely greet you then go to his corner for the duration of the session. Then I like to start wherever you’re at … the main reasons you want therapy, what you’d like to dig into, and what is at stake – in other words, what does life look like for you should you not resolve these troubles? Together we will talk about where you come from, where you’ve been … and I like to ask people: if we are sitting here in, say, 6 months and therapy were to be effective, what would things look like for you?

Helping you to understand yourself more deeply so you can accept yourself more fully

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