Therapy for Teens & Adolescents (14-19)

Therapy with Teens

Adolescence can be one of the most challenging stages of childhood – for both kids and parents! It’s a time of intense, rapid development, a time of identity formation, and seeking independence from their parents. This quest for autonomy can be difficult for all involved – kids want to find their own voice and experiment with making their own decisions while parents often times have a hard time letting go.

I want to help teenagers find the words to express what is happening for them, without acting out or shutting down. This is a tumultuous and exciting time of growth & development, but with mounting pressures around college acceptance, keeping up with social media comparisons, and just in general finding themselves, it’s no wonder why depression and anxiety are at an all time high for adolescents.

I work both with teens individually to help them navigate this tricky stage of life. I also work with parents on how to find the most effective strategies for parenting. And I work with the whole family to help kids and parents communicate better. Because despite their desire for space, privacy and distance, I believe that most teens do want their parents to understand them and be a supportive influence in their lives.


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